We offer this guide for new students coming to our space, we welcome you to your yoga journey and are here to help.


Our warm and welcoming studio space

Our warm and welcoming studio space

Welcome to your yogic journey! The "Introduction to Yoga" course has been specifically designed for brand new students. We have gathered some tips and advice that might be useful before you come in for your first class. 

Advice for new students.

Getting to class & food/water - Try as best you can to be on time, and remember to sign in before entering the practice hall. The front door is usually open, and there is a space to hang out in before class, we do ask that if you arrive late for whatever reason, that you wait outside the practice hall until the chant is over, so as not to disrupt other students. Practicing on an empty stomach is good practice. Allow at least three hours after eating before practicing yoga. We also recommend that you refrain from sipping water during class in order to maintain the internal heat you are creating. After class, it is good advice to wait 30 minutes before eating. 

Class Conduct - We try to keep it fairly quiet. If you need to talk, use the front lounge. Please make sure cellular phones, pagers and other digital devices will not disrupt class. Wear clothing that is easy to move in, e.g. modest comfortable shorts or leotards or footless tights. Long baggy pants are not recommended. Remove your shoes before entering. Clean, bare feet are essential. Try not to leave the class during meditation or savasana.


Hygiene -  We recommend that you purchase your own yoga mat, available at the studio. We do have mats for loan also. Please refrain from wearing perfume and heavy jewelry and be aware of nail polish, metal buttons or other items that may mark the floors or yoga props.

Health - Women should pay attention to how their practices need to be altered during their periods, pregnancy or menopause. Men or women who have medical conditions, special physical needs or are recovering from illness, should let their teacher know. For persistent conditions, consult your physician before attending and please be conscious of avoiding class if you have flu or other air borne illness, that we don't want to pass on to others. 

Lost & Found - Lost and found items are in a small bag in changing room and kept there for about two weeks

Always ask us for further clarification , we are here to help your experience. 

virabhadrasana ii 

virabhadrasana ii