See what our students are saying about their time with us.

The studio is fully equipped with every yoga prop and more. It is clean, welcoming and you can feel the Iyengar vibe throughout the studio. Larry Lopez all level class was excellent. It moved along at a perfect pace with detailed instruction linking from asana to asana. It was intelligent, challenging and light hearted. I felt great the whole day and look forward to returning the next time I visit San Fransisco.
— Deni R
Yoga has been on my to-do list for ages, and I came to Bija as a total beginner with absolutely no yoga experience. I am totally hooked.

I am a competitive athlete and do a lot of weight training and cardio work, but was starting to feel that my lack of flexibility might cause injury since I am not exactly getting any younger. Linda, the teacher for the beginner classes I attend, is so great about getting students to think about how to access different muscle groups in an effort to learn proper poses and maintain the balanced body that is really what I am trying to achieve. I can already feel a difference in my other works outs and see a difference in what I am able to do in class, and really appreciate Linda’s relaxed but very well-informed approach to teaching the class.
I am so pleased by the quality of instruction at Bija Yoga. The teachers are knowledgable and approachable. I constantly leave the studio feeling physically, mentally and spiritually aligned. I highly recommend Bija to those looking to deepen their understanding of yoga.
— Grace O
I’ve tried yoga DVDs and gym-yoga at various gyms, and I never really “got” it. I never really got that “stretch” feeling and also couldn’t seem to get into half of the poses. I was usually told just to do “child’s pose” on the floor until we got back around to something I could do. Lame.
This place is Iyengar Yoga, unlike the Vinyassa Flow stuff that most yoga studios do. It focuses on body alignment, standing poses, and shoulder stands (at least at the Intro Level, which is where I’ve been attending). I’ve gone to a few different classes and can honestly say I really like all the instructors. They all explain things down to the tinniest detail (which I like), the classes are small (like 5-6 people usually in the ones I’ve attended), so you get lots of attention. I also like the availability and frequent use of props to help modify the poses. There hasn’t been a single thing I haven’t been able to do. It’s helped a lot with the range of motion of previously injured limbs (my ankles are busted), and I leave feeling like I just had a massage. And it’s NOT hot yoga, so I don’t feel like I’ve walked back into a Midwestern summer. Bonus!
— Devon J
I have been going to Bija Yoga for almost 2 years and have found the studio to be welcoming and clean. Most of my classes have been with Mimi. Her class is challenging and rewarding. I never thought I’d be doing shoulder stands, but now I look forward to them. Mimi gives personalized attention to each student, which is facilitated by the often small class size. There is a lot of emphasis on getting the pose just right and understanding how small movements in one part of the body can affect the rest of the pose. Mimi brings a great sense of humor and levity to the class, which makes doing serious yoga approachable to beginners like me. I always feel great when I leave class.
— Laurel L
Bija is great. I have been new to Iyengar and have taken classes by Cynthia and Chad and other instructors. I appreciate the method and feel every class has been rewarding in so many ways. Goodbye Gym.
— Johnny B